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Local Businesses, Local Designs

We are a local studio, you are a local business.
Why not keep your web hosting needs local with us?

Locally based in Hastings Michigan, our goal is to provide websites to local
businesses and organizations as to compete better in a growing online world.
Local service means a personal touch to development of your
website, and means we are always nearby to help.

Web Design

  • Complete Websites
  • Website Redesigning

Website Hosting

  • Domain Name Signup
  • Website Hosting

Continued Support

  • Monthly Webmastering
  • Social Media Management

The Heart of the Online World

A website is the heart and soul of your online presence. Social Media might be great for talking about events, or quickly making announcements to your customers, but a website is a constant place for customers new and old to visit and find out more about your company, what you offer, and how to get in touch. In a quickly growing online world, businesses need a website to reach new customers- And new heights.

Citadel Web Studios focuses in on that- Your website and your need for an online presence. Our goal is for you to succeed. First and foremost we are web developers, so trust us to design a website for you that will serve you and your customers, for a fraction of the cost of larger studios.

Website Hosting

Having an online presence is more than having a website designed. It needs a domain and host. We believe it is on the studio to help you with this. Once we have designed your website we offer to get you a domain and hosting for a flat fee. This is generally part of our "Monthly Webmastering" contract. Our hosting comes with a bonus of having professional emails for your business. Host with us and take the worry of managing a website of of your hands.

Continued Support

You run a business. Why spend time having to update and make sure your website is working when that time can be better spent elsewhere within your company? We offer low-cost Webmastering as a solution. You pay us a monthly fee to manage your website and make sure all costs are attended to (Your website's costs are included in the expense). Not only that, but we are willing to help you with your social media as well. We believe strongly in having a full online presence, and social media is a large part of that, compounding the impact of your website.